PopUp WiFi Express brings fast internet, fast.

PopUp Express is great for

The middle-sized member of the family, PopUp Express has most of the features of our Tower model packed into a tidy case at an affordable price.

Perfect for back-of-house operations at events, trade shows and medium sized corporate functions, Express is packed with clever tech for excellent reliability and speed.

We’ll courier PopUp WiFi Express straight to you – all you need to do is plug it in and give us a call. We’ll have you up and running in a couple of minutes. When you’re finished with it, just send the unit back using the included shipping label – job done!!

Small in size, big in features

Custom network names

Choose what you would like to call your network(s). Sponsors love having the WiFi named after them, or use your event name to make it obvious for your users.

Custom passwords

Choose your own password for unparalleled marketing “stickiness” and data management, or leave the network open to encourage more users to connect.

Live support

Our network engineers manage your WiFi remotely using our cloud-based software. Worried about anything? No worries! You can call the tech support on our mobiles.

Unlimited connections

Unlimited number of people can connect over the duration of your event.

Simultaneous users

Up to 200 devices can use the WiFi at the same time.

WiFi channels

PopUp WiFi works on both the 5.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands for better performance and reliability.

Detailed network usage report

After your event, we’ll provide you with a detailed anonymous report to let you know how many devices connected, how much data was used and the most-visited sites on the network.

Coverage radius

Approximately 30m in any direction from the unit. Coverage may be greater in large open spaces and can be affected by obstructions. Chat to us about your needs.

Application blocking

If you’re keen to keep data use for just the purpose you have in mind, we can block certain data-hungry applications, like iOs updates, high definition video streaming and torrents.

Mix and match models

PopUp WiFi Express and Tower units work together. Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll create you a custom solution at the best price.

So, how much does this fast, reliable and ridiculously good-looking temporary WiFi cost?

Price Includes:

Your first 20GB data FREE (Additional data used billed at $8/GB)

Return courier delivery

Custom network configuration

Need something extra?

Crowd counting

Great for open events and brand activations, this feature provides you with a detailed report on the number of WiFi-enabled devices (i.e people) that are at in the WiFi zone at any one time. PopUp WiFi’s Crowd Counting feature tells you how many people attended, how long they stayed for and the percentage of people who returned to the WiFi zone.

Onsite setup

Most of our customers choose to set up their own PopUp WiFi Express service, but if you’re too busy or would like a hand, chat to us about onsite setup options.

Keep the money flowing

If your event features portable ATMs, wireless EFTPOS terminals or cashless payments systems, PopUp WiFi provides secure, reliable internet to keep the money flowing.

Battery services

If you don’t have access to mains power, or just prefer to avoid running leads around your venue, chat to us about battery-powered options.

Static IP

If you need a Static IP for extra security or another technical function, just let us know when you ask for your quote.

Priority network available

You can choose to have a VIP network for your presenters, staff or any ticketing and payments systems. This network gets first access to the bandwidth available for uninterrupted performance. A great option for crowded events and conferences.

Captive portal

This feature allows you to specify which website or splash page your users will be directed to first when they connect to the WiFi. Great for sponsor website or event program pages, captive portal works your WiFi harder by driving traffic to the website of your choice.

Ethernet Port

Need an ethernet port with your internet? Just ask when ordering

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