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Get the low down on internet for live streaming

It’s been a bumper streaming month in PopUp WiFi land. It’s clear that brands are reaping the rewards from connecting with their audiences live from events. You can’t blame them for their love affair with live streaming. It makes a lot of sense in the events and marketing space. Brands get two bites of the ROI cherry when they live stream. They connect with a highly engaged live global audience during the event at a time when people’s attention is genuinely caught. Even better, they also create a high quality content, an asset that can keep working after the event. Clever, aren’t they?

Well, this is all wonderful – until the internet stops working…

Access to fast, reliable internet is king. The best way to make sure a simple live streaming event doesn’t turn into an embarrassing nightmare is to assemble your internet arsenal ruthlessly and leave nothing to chance.

1) The need for speed.

Speeds for live streaming aren’t huge, but consistency is what you’re looking for. Big hotels can have speed fluctuations due to large numbers of people accessing their networks.

Standard definition streaming (720p) needs at least 5Mbps upload speed for good results
High definition streaming (1080p) needs at least 10Mbps upload speed.

2) Make sure there’s expert live support ready and waiting for your call.

Internet is unpredictable. With live streaming, everyone only has one shot at getting it right, so you can’t waste time with inefficient or unspecialised support. Make sure that the internet that you’re running with comes with live phone support. Better still, ask for the mobile number of the network engineer who is managing your network.

Hot tip: If they don’t have a network engineer, run away – fast!

3) Work out your data budget.

Live streaming isn’t massively heavy on data, but it doesn’t hurt to do a spot of budgeting to make sure your data bill isn’t a surprise. You’ll need to budget for 2GB of data per streaming hour in High Definition, and around 1GB per hour for standard streaming. Costs for prepaid data vary from $7 – $22 per GB.

Good luck with your streaming work. Give us a bell if I can help you plan your next attack of streaming.

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