Are you a lover of measurable ROI?
PopUp WiFi + Blix is the perfect match for you.

Do you lust after accurate event data?

PopUp WiFi has partnered with Blix to bring you a complete range of data reporting options that will make you swoon.

You may already know that PopUp WiFi offers detailed anonymous network usage reports to tell you how many people used your network, how many impressions the branding got, how much data people used, which applications were most popular and how many hits the sponsor website got. Well, exciting news, things just get even better!

It was love at first (in)sight.

PopUp WiFi had been delivering basic crowd counting at events, with further software development work in the pipeline. That was until we met Blix. Their software blew us away and we just knew PopUp WiFi clients would love to access Blix reports. The world leader in location analytics, these clever boffins have been working with retailers, car companies, property developers, transport networks and tourism bodies around the world to bring sophisticated insights with a gorgeous user interface for years. Many of these companies ran large event and sponsorship programs to support their brands, but had little insight into the return on investment (ROI) of these activities due to infrastructure constraints – until now.

Big brands were already using Blix Traffic to measure and understand customer engagement at their events – when they could get great internet to the site. This is where PopUp WiFi comes in. Blix loved our robust temporary internet solution and it’s the perfect vehicle for the Blix brilliance when brands go on the road.

The upshot? Even more sophisticated event data for you.

Are you looking for traffic flow analysis at your event? Keen to demonstrate to sponsors just how many people spent time at their trade show booth? Wondering how much time people spent in a particular area? Did they leave and return? We can tell you all of this in a clear, anonymous report.

With reports starting at $50/day per PopUp WiFi unit that you hire, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Drop me a line: 0447 788 363 or  to try some Blix at your next event.


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