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Great exposure and high impact advertising

Get unsurpassed brand interaction and visibility

Your marketing “sticks” when people physically type in your business name to access fast free internet. Set the network name and password to get people thinking about your brand. Turn PopUp WiFi into a billboard by coating it with your branding.

Send people straight to your website

Choose a webpage and we’ll configure PopUp WiFi to direct people there when they connect. Set up sponsor pages, competition pages, surveys, or just direct traffic straight to your home page.

Boost your Google ranking

Google places websites with more traffic higher in search results. When you sponsor PopUp WiFi, the spike in traffic to your site means Google recognizes your site as more interesting so it boosts your ranking in search results.

Measure your sponsorship impact with accurate data

PopUp WiFi provides accurate anonymous data about the most-accessed sites on the network and numbers of users at the event with an option for a detailed internet usage report. Samples available on request.

People will love your brand

People WANT free fast internet, especially at crowded or remote events, where coverage can be tricky or congestion slows internet service down. PopUp WiFi delivers the best speeds and reliability at any event site. Be a hero and sponsor something that will help to grow your brand.

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