Live Support

We’ll make sure you hire the best event internet for your situation

Our friendly network engineers are genuine WiFi specialists and our sales staff are from events and tourism backgrounds – a killer combination for creating a custom WiFi solution for your needs. We’re serious about putting together the right components so that you can achieve what you’ve set out to do, while keeping your budget in mind. The PopUp WiFi team are all completely fanatical about getting the internet right at events – which means you won’t have to think about it too much on the big day (trust us, we have that bit covered).

Hire event WiFi that comes standard with Live Support

Let’s face it. Everyone just wants WiFi that works. But sometimes weird things happen with computers. That’s why PopUp WiFi Live Remote Support comes standard with every booking of our gear. This means a real person is looking after your event WiFi, and if you ever need to call us, we guarantee you will never have to “Press 2 for Support”. We’re just on the end of the phone.

Live Remote Support for meetings, conferences, hackathons, and most other event types

Our gear runs with cloud-based software, which enables our techs to see what is happening on the network in real-time, remotely. They can dynamically adjust network settings for your situation to make sure your people have the best possible internet experiences. Most of the time, our team can detect a potential situational issue and fix it before you (or your attendees) are even aware of it.

On-site Live Support

Every so often, a client is running an event in a tricky situation, such as a remote area with no internet or mobile phone reception at all with no electricity available for our towers. And they need PopUp WiFi to run their EFTPOS machines at the bar, their ticket scanners at the gate, their ATM for the attendees, their back-of-house communications, and the media marquee, and … Anyway, you get the picture – the absolutely vital stuff in a very challenging situation. That’s when we suggest that you add On-site Live Support to your quote. One of our friendly team members will be there on the ground to keep the computers saying “yes”.

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