Wondering which temporary WiFi rental option is the best for your event?

Our modular WiFi units offer something for every kind of event, from 10 – 10,000+ attendees. They can work independently and can also be mixed and matched to suit various zones and regions at your venue.

All of our units are filled with the highest quality, enterprise-grade hardware, with an expert team of network engineers on hand with live support that uses the latest cloud-based software.
It’s like hiring a Formula One racecar with an invisible pit crew on hand to keep your internet running at top speed.

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PopUp WiFi Tower units are a high-density WiFi hire product with extra profile

Make your towers your own, with custom signage applied to each 2 meter-tall side of the unit and full network customization included in the cost of hire. Towers are great for big crowds, large areas and when you’re looking to grab people’s attention.

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PopUp WiFi Express units are a simple way to rent internet access for medium-sized groups

Express units are a low-fuss, highly reliable solution for medium-sized groups. With full network customization and live remote support, they are a simple plug’n’play option for perfect WiFi wherever you need it.

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PopUp WiFi Go units are a quick and easy mobile internet option for small groups, small spaces and for payments systems

Our newest baby model on the scene, PopUp WiFi Go is an affordable, reliable solution for groups of up to 20, small spaces of up to 40m long and for situations when you only need a small number of devices connected, like at a bar or ticketing station. Easy to self-install, they’re like a low-cost internet insurance option for when it just needs to work.

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